Universität Liechtenstein: Scholarship for an International MBA

The University of Liechtenstein is able to award a number of scholarships (each up to 90 percent of the tuition fee) for outstanding applications.

In this year alone, the institution provides more than 200.000 Euros scholarship money in different categories.
"With our scholarship funds we want to support candidates who are highly qualified but suffer a financial disadvantage, and may therefore not be able to finance an MBA program. E.g. entrepreneurs, candidates on maternity leave, or those that face exceptional personal or economic hardships", says Dr. Christian Schimmelpfennig, Director Executive Education at Liechtenstein. Moreover, the Principality of Liechtenstein as well as its neighboring countries Switzerland, Austria and Germany, are exceptionally thriving economies. Local companies are in great demand of highly qualified staff. "To help the many international companies in the region satisfy their demand for qualified personnel, the university also provides scholarships for applicants from non-German speaking countries, in order to attract additional potential to the region", says Dr. Schimmelpfennig.

Art der Förderung

The university provides scholarship funds of more than 200.000 Euros. Up to 90 percent of the tuition fee for its International MBA program may be covered for each scholarship.

Hinweise zur Bewerbung

Scholarships may be awarded in the following categories:

  • Women back to Business Scholarship: for female applicants looking to re-launch their career after a maternity leave
  • Family vs. Career Scholarship: for male or female applicants who wish to study an MBA while on maternity leave
  • International Student Scholarship: for applicants from non-German speaking countries
  • Entrepreneur Scholarship: for applicants who are in the process of launching or those who have recently launched an enterprise
  • Challenge Scholarship: for applicants who have progressed in their career and/or education despite challenging personal, professional, socio/political or economic circumstances


In order to be considered for a scholarship by the admissions committee, you must meet all admissions criteria. Submit an additional essay of no more than 500 words with your application indicating in what category you apply for a scholarship and demonstrating why you should be awarded with a scholarship. While there is no fixed format for the essay, you should consider including the unique skills and perspective you would bring to the MBA class and your most significant accomplishments to date.

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