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The fine art of small talk

Mood English Business Quiz; Quelle:, User: lusi

Mood English Business Quiz; Quelle:, User: lusi

Was manchmal schon in der Muttersprache schwer fällt, sorgt auf Englisch oft für Schweißausbrüche: Small Talk. Kannst du das Gespräch in Gang halten und für gute Stimmung sorgen? Deborah Capras, Autorin des Übungshefts Business Spotlight plus, testet im Gewinnspiel, ob du die richtigen Worte findest.

 Aus den Buchstaben neben den richtigen Antworten kannst du das Lösungswort ermitteln
 Versuche dein Glück und vervollständige die folgenden Small-Talk-Dialoge:

 John: How was your last business ____ ?

  • trip (C)
  • journey (P)
  • voyage (H)
     Sue: Pretty good. I had to go to San Francisco again.
     John: Lucky you. So, what do you think ____ the city?
  • over (I)
  • of (O)
  • on (A)
     Sue: I love it. In fact, I wouldn’t mind living there.
     John: So, you must have stayed there ____ then?
  • before (N)
  • beforehand (R)
  • forward (D)
     Sue: Many times.

     Kim: So, how’s ____ ?

  • commerce (T)
  • business (G)
  • handle (W)
     Paul: Pretty good.
     Kim: And how are things ____ over in London?
  • making (L)
  • going (R)
  • doing (N)
     Paul: Very well. We’ve just moved to another office.
     Kim: Really? Who’s ____ it?
  • working (M)
  • running (A)
  • doing (H)
     Paul: Jim Milligan. He’s Scottish.

     Ralph: What ____ do you do?

  • exact (F)
  • exactly (T)
  • exacting (V)
     Ernie: I’m in charge of marketing.
     Ralph: Oh, you ____ know George Parker.
  • must (U)
  • could (S)
  • can (X)
     Ernie: Do you mean George Barker from New York?
     Ralph: Of course, Barker! How’s he ____ ?
  • going (C)
  • making (Y)
  • keeping (L)
     Ernie: He’s fine. Actually, I think he might be here today.

     Sue: Where are you from ____ ?

  • originally (A)
  • initially (G)
  • ultimately (M)
     Rob: Australia.
     Sue: Really? ____ ?
  • Whereby (B)
  • Whereabouts (T)
  • Wherefore (S)
     Rob: Just outside Sydney, actually.
     Sue: How nice! How often do you go back ____ ?
  • to home (E)
  • home (I)
  • homely? (N)
     Rob: Not as often as I’d like to, unfortunately.

     Anne: So, you’re living in Finland now. Do you ____ the cold?

  • mind (O)
  • care (V)
  • take (R)
     Louise: A little, yes.
     Anne: You still haven’t got ____ to it then?
  • used (N)
  • use (U)
  • using (I)
     Louise: Not really, though I’ve tried!
     Anne: Tell me, how cold does it ____ there.
  • get (S)
  • become (L)
  • receive there? (W)
     Louise: If I told you, I don’t think you’d visit us!
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