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The Microsoft Academy for College Hires (MACH) program is a customized learning experience designed for our newest university hires in various job families including Marketing, Sales, Services, IT and Operations. This two-year program complements your role by ensuring that you receive professional development to enable you to start strong, accelerate your impact, build your network and drive a long-term career at Microsoft. We do this by offering you world-class training, coaching from some of the brightest minds in the industry and a global community of MACHs from more than 60 countries.

We’ve always understood the value that people with different life experiences and viewpoints bring to our business. We embrace and celebrate our differences because we see them for what they are: powerful drivers of innovation. Come be part of our talented community joined by a passion for technology, a dedication to our customers and a shared set of core values. We work hard to make Microsoft a home for everyone – a place of acceptance, where differences are encouraged and respected.

Art der Förderung

In addition to core developmental opportunities you’ll gain while you’re on the job, our customized trainings provide further learning to help you build relevant, valuable skills that will enable you to add value fast.

The MACH program embraces learning on the job through peers and colleagues. Successful MACHs leverage the MACH program to help drive their careers at Microsoft; depending on location and job family, the overall experience varies. The MACH experience includes the following:

  • Marketing MACH: We are avid marketers, passionate about telling the Microsoft story and the way our products can help people and businesses throughout the world achieve more.
  • Sales MACH: We’re passionate about interacting with our customers and partners to bring the magic of Microsoft to consumers and businesses.
  • Services MACH: We are leaders with a passion for serving our customers and partners, helping them realize their full potential. We deliver consulting, support and customer services to businesses around the globe.
  • Operations MACH: We focus on the strategy, development and execution of Microsoft’s physical and digital supply chain solutions in mature and emerging markets. This includes the operationalization of new business models in the cloud transformation and support for our teams and field for product planning, launch, release, and order management.
  • MACH MBA: The MACH MBA experience spans sales, marketing services, finance operations and IT. If you have a few years of professional experience and you are currently working toward your full-time MBA degree, we have a MACH experience just for you. In addition to being on the job, contributing to our business priorities, you’ll learn how to communicate effectively to a wide variety of audiences, build a solid understanding of our business strategy and leverage a global network of peers and colleagues.

Hinweise zur Bewerbung

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We’re looking for talented people across our Finance, Marketing, Sales, Services, IT and Operations businesses.

If you’re ready to empower your career, we welcome you to apply to the MACH program and help us help the world achieve more.

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  • Deutschland
  • Großbritannien / Irland
  • Kanada
  • USA
  • Mittel- und Südamerika
  • Australien, Neuseeland
  • China
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Naher Osten
  • Sonstige (Asien)
  • Afrika
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  • Schweiz
  • Frankreich
  • Niederlande
  • Skandinavien
  • GUS
  • Sonstige (Europa)
  • Belgien
  • Italien
  • Diplom/Magister-Studenten
  • Master-Studenten

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