Centro Internazionale di Studi della Civiltà Italiana "Vittore Branca": Residential scholarships

The "Vittore Branca" International Center for the Study of Italian Culture welcomes international researchers in the field of Humanities, willing to work in the Fondazione Giorgio Cini libraries, in Venice.

Art der Förderung

The Vittore Branca Research Center welcomes scholars of any age willing to pursue research in the Fondazione Giorgio Cini libraries.

In order to support researchers and to reduce costs of daily life in Venice, the Fondazione Giorgio Cini offers co-financing to applicants, aimed at help them plan long-term stays. Such co-financing, which is a direct contribution to lower the price of accessing the Vittore Branca Center research facilities and Residence, depends on the research project each applicant proposes.

Hinweise zur Bewerbung

Application deadline: June 30, 2023

For more information, see the website.

Applicants shall propose a research project focused on Italian culture – be it visual arts, history, literature, music, drama, early printed books, from an interdisciplinary point of view.

Every applicant shall send:


Applications will be examined by a Panel appointed by the Giorgio Cini Foundation and selected, with no right to appeal, also on the basis of the quality of the proposed project.


The residential scholarships are offered to Italian and international scholars wishing to further their studies of Italian culture – especially that of the Veneto – with an interdisciplinary approach in one of the following fields: art history, literature, music, drama, early printed books, Venetian history and comparative cultures and spiritualities.

Candidates shall propose a research topic specifically focused on the archives and documents kept in the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice.

Art des Stipendiums
  • Forschungsprojekte
  • Abschlussarbeiten
  • Italien
  • Promovierende
  • Wissenschaftler

Geförderte Fachrichtungen

Kunst, Kunstwissenschaft

Musik, Musikwissenschaft

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