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HHL – Leipzig Graduate School of Management: Global Executive MBA - Entrepreneurs Scholarship

Allgemeines Anliegen des Stipendiums

EADA and HHL are seeking for self financed executives who address innovative and sustainable business solutions. An important aim of the EADA-HHL Global Executive MBA is to help executives to create value and develop solutions that can achieve big social and/or innovative impact. The scholarship will provide the successful candidates with a tuition waiver of up to 25% of the total tuition costs for the Global Executive MBA Program.

Art der Förderung

Tuition reduction of up to 25 % of the total tuition costs for the Global Executive MBA Program.

Hinweise zur Bewerbung

For more information visit the website of HHL


Please respond to the question below to be included in your scholarship application. Use between 300 and 500 words to explain this topic: “Why did you decide to start your business and what would you say identifies you as an entrepreneur. “ The essay has to be written in English.

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Deutschland, Sonstige (International)



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Das ist mit jedem Förderprogramm kombinierbar und bietet über 60 geldwerte Leistungen.

In unserer Stipendien-Rubrik findest du nützliche Infos zur Begabtenförderung und Tipps für deine Stipendiumsbewerbung.

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