Recruit talented high school students from for your university: Online info session studying abroad

Recruit high-achieving German students interested in abroad studies for your Bachelor's programmes.

Upcoming events


Online via Zoom


Online via Zoom

Meet well-prepared students


∅ 50-80 participants

Target group

prospective Bachelor's students


Average GPA: 2,0 (German grading scale)


attendees have to register and are provided with information on your programmes before the event

Valuable contacts

  • High quality of participants
  • We prepare the students extensively for the event via different channels of communication (website, email, TikTok, WhatsApp etc.)
  • You get in touch with the students during your presentation and the group sessions
  • Contact details of all registered participants


5:00 am - 5:30 pm

Welcome and introduction roudn

5:30 - 6:15 pm

Pitches of the universities

Your key benefits

  • High quality of attendees: Meet motivated, high-achieving German high school students.
  • All participants want to pursue a Bachelor's degree.
  • Get in touch with your target audience during your pitch and your group session.
  • Participants are preregistered and well-informed about your undergraduate programmes (preparation via email, WhatsApp, call).
  • We provide you with the contact details of your interview candidates, the candidates you were in contact with and all participants who agreed on forwarding their contact details.

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