Some people see a lot of distress and disparities in the world. We see a lot of potential and possibilities.

Recrear is an innovative project and new approach in the public benefit sector. It was initiated in 2009 by an international group of students and young professionals building on the multicultural, cooperative and group-brainstorming focused concepts of the ocean going university called "The Scholar Ship"[1].

During the summer of 2010, Recrear will be launched as an International Non-Governmental Organization out of Recrear.beta, a summer camp in Germany's capital Berlin for young creative minds from all around the world.

Objectives of Recrear

Recrear - an innovative project working towards international development

There are many great social benefit projects out there, but many lack expertise, funding or simply "getting out there", good PR and networking. The aim of Recrear is to support these projects and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), to connect them with resources (from knowledge, to volunteers, to funding), to support them within their projects (strategy, planning) as well as to give them a place to address the public. In short, Recrear is a platform to inspire, connect and create.

Inspire: people in need to realize their full potentials

Connect: individuals, companies, and Non-Governmental Organizations

Create: projects for public benefit.

Recrear - promoting ethics in business and the corporate world

The current code of conduct in business is not sustainable, neither for the Earth nor for its people. Ethical behavior and good leadership call nepotism and greed into question. Ethical behavior and good leadership is the key to fighting corruption and recession.

With workshops, seminars and conferences, Recrear will engage in promoting ethical behavior and good leadership in business practice, the NGO and the non-profit and public sectors.


The Founders of Recrear believe in horizontally organized structures, the capacities, the commitment and the creativity of young minds. Therefore, to create conscious, broad- and open-minded leaders for tomorow, the Founders of Recrear initiated a project called Recrear.beta. For three intense weeks, it will gather students and young professionals, to bundle their creativity and expertise. They will share an apartment in Berlin, Germany, to live and grow together, to assemble and create Recrear.

To succeed in living and working in a multiethnic environment, the participants of Recrear.beta will receive intercultural communication and leadership training. Workshops in strategic planning and NGO-management will enable them to promote and create public benefit projects. Guest lecturers will deepen the young potentials know-ledge from economics to politics.

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