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Our print books on career perspectives in consulting, law, IT and other STEM jobs appear once per year and are a clever and unusual marketing opportunity for universities to target and recruit German top students. Please continue reading if you want to learn why.

Why are our career books a relevant marketing channel for universities?

Our four career books are ordered and read by more than 26,000 students and graduates in total. A large portion of them are scholarship recipients from our network and belong to the best students in Germany. This means that our readers are the perfect target group for renowned business- and law schools as well as for universities that seek to recruit top IT students or female students of STEM subjects for their Master's, MBA, LL.M. or Doctorate and PhD programmes.

Example: 4,000 readers' profiles for our consulting book

  • Study progress: 90% students, 10% graduates
  • Current degree: 39% Bachelor, 37% Master, 10% Doctorate and PhD, 9% First State Exam (law), 5% other degrees
  • All students are current or former scholarship recipients, i.e. top 10% of their class.
  • Study subject: 44% business and economics, 15% engineering, 12% maths, IT and natural sciences, 9% law, 6% medicince, 14% others

For the other three books, the target groups are similar, but sharper in terms of the study subjects, i.e. IT and IT-related subjects for the IT book, law students for the law book, etc.

Distribution figures for each book

Print copies are distributed though three channels:

  1. Orders by scholarship recipients from our talent pool
  2. Orders by faculties and university networks for their students
  3. Online sales
  Print copies Ebook downloads
Career Perspectives in Consulting
(Perspektive Unternehmensberatung)
10,000 2,000
Career Perspectives in Law
(Perspektiven für Juristen)
6,500 1,000
My IT Dreamjob
(Traumjob IT)
5,000 500
Female, successful, STEM
(Weiblich, erfolgreich, MINT)
5,000 300

Price and booking

  • Price for a one-page, four-colour ad in each book: EUR 1,000 (VAT excluded)
  • Booking deadlines: April (law, consulting, IT) or October (women in STEM subjects) of each year

For further information and bookings please contact:

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Bernhard Güntner

+49 89 23 23 2-340