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How we make our online events work

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"This was 3,000 times better than other online events", one digital-savvy recruiter wrote us in early April. has been quick and successful in moving its events online. This article will show you how we did it and how you can profit, too.

How we transformed our events

When the coronavirus hit Germany in full force in early March 2020, we were in the middle of our spring event season. As it became clearer and clearer that exhibitors were not able to travel internationally, we gradually moved our events online:

  • 7 March 2020: The LL.M. Day Berlin and the MBA Day Munich became our first "hybrid" events: While student participation at the venue was as high as ever, some universities were not able to travel to Germany. In order for them to participate nevertheless, we set up laptops at their stands and allowed them to participate via Zoom (LL.M. Day) or scheduled one-on-one Zoom interviews with candidates chosen by the school (MBA Day). In our post-event survey, exhibitors praised our efforts and gave the LL.M. Day the best overall grade ever.
  • 14 March 2020: With Germany announcing the shutdown of schools and the USA closing their borders to international travellers, the number of both students and exhibitors present in person at the LL.M. Day Munich dropped by half, and the number of schools participating via Zoom quadrupled. This is when the strength of the events with pre-registered students really showed. We decided to connect not only those students and schools who actually came to Munich, but also those who had cancelled on short notice due to concerns about the coronavirus. In the end, all law schools received the names and e-mail addresses of 142 students for further recruiting (instead of the 110 who usually participate in Munich).
  • 21 March 2020: The Master Day Business & Economic became our first pure online event, with everyone participating from home via Zoom. Scheduled one-on-one interviews allowed universities to contact interesting students. A large number of staff gave technical support and made sure that the students were in the virtual interview meeting rooms on time.
  • Since then, we have tried a lot of different online event formats: presentations, group discussions, workshops with breakout rooms, interviews, etc. Two years after our first tries, we now have hosted dozens of online events for universities and companies, and have learned a lot about the strenghts and weaknesses of different approaches. To our surprise, the number of participants has gone up - sometimes considerably.

An example: "Women in Technology":

  Online event 2020 Regular event 2019
Exhibitors 10 8
Participants 126 50
Maximum number of interviews per exhibitor 12 5
Grade given to the event by the exhibitors (scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the best) 1.4 1.4

Early on, we were worried that we would not meet as many quality candidates at a virtual fair as at a physical one. We were surprised how the technology allowed us to give our presentations in superb quality and conduct great interviews with excellent students who we definitely want to stay in contact with.

Dr. Julia Jähnigen, Talent Acquisition bei BASF

This is what surprised our exhibitors the most:

  • "the excellent time management"
  • "the quick transformation of the events to virtual fairs"
  • "the lack of technical difficulties despite the large number of participants"
  • "the enthusiasm of the team"
  • "the efficiency of the interviews and the quality of the interviewed"
  • "the safety blanket of always having staff at hand to answer questions"

How you can profit from our efforts

While we hope to return to regular student recruiting events as soon as possible, we are prepared to hold all of our events as virtual fairs in 2022 if needed. This will allow you to meet those students now who are planning to do an MBA, LL.M., Business Master or undergraduate degree once classes resume on campus.

To learn more on how to register, please contact or your personal account manager.

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