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Find research assistants and Ph.D. students

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Are you looking for Ph.D. students or research assisstants? The academic job market on reaches a wide range of excellent young scientists.

Your key benefits

  • Easy booking: Just send your advertisement by email to and we will implement it using your layout
  • The job offer will be advertised to your target group in our job letter (25.000-40.000 recipients depending on fields of study)
  • Duration: 8 weeks
  • If you cannot find a suitable candidate within eight weeks we will extend your ad for free until the vacancy is filled.
  • Price: EUR 500 plus VAT; first-time booking: EUR 400 plus VAT

Who you can address

  • 30.000 scholarship holders (students among the best 10-15% of their respective class)
  • 110.000 members (registered, but not preselected)
  • 45.000 alumni (former scholarship holders)
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